We Meet Our Winners! Alexandr Ponomar and Denys Pume

As we announced in the previous news Alexandr Ponomar had won 'Les Petits As', the TE tournament of the Super Category. It is regarded to be a Junior Grand Slam.
Big victories are always a reason to have a symbolic family celebration! Thus being one friendly Elite Tennis Club family we congratulated Alex, Denys and Alexandr's parents to the great achievement. Younger tennis players of our club were amazed to see the real trophies which motivated them to win the same ones one day. The elder and wiser generation added to the words of congrats some important things: such a big victory should be strengthened by new one. One should move ahead! Yuriy Gubankov, the Elite Tennis Club President, expressed a very good thought: "In the list of winners there were such famous names as Rafael Nadal, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Gaske and others, but also there were quite many of those whom we never heard about later. This is a very big achievement indeed, but it shouldn't be a final point of your aspirations. I wish you to be like Nadal who won, wins and will keep on winning!" The best present for each professional players was given to Alexandr by Yuriy Gubankov. It was the sponsorship of three next TE tournaments at Alexandr's choice.
Alexandr's parents said the words of thankfulness to the whole team of Elite Tennis Club where each person makes a great contribution into the bringing-up of future champions.
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