Mini-golf is the sports for fun and enjoyment. It is a great way to have a good time with friends outdoors. In the business world mini-golf is a trend to deal with your partners. While walking to the next hole it is much more pleasant to discuss certain agreements, to make business appointments or think over the partnership.

This game unites more than 100 million followers all over the world. Though golf in Ukraine still remains an activity mainly for foreigners or rich people, the trend for formation of the local golf elite has already been marked out. America was the mini-golf motherland. The sports appeared in 1920 and rapidly gained popularity as a family amusement. However, soon the game for fun developed into the independent sports with competitions all over the world.

Respondents say one shouldn't neglect mini-golf. It is not that easy to play the game as it may seem. The mini-golf is extremely excitable; it demands a flexible mind and certain skills. The difference between mini-golf and normal golf is in an availability of the first one irrespective of age, social position or location.

Mini-golf does not have any age limitations allowing both kids and senior people to play together. It is never too late to begin practicing mini-golf for fun. This game is the perfect choice for a family activity. There are certain peculiarities and advantages of mini-golf. One of them is the development of geometric skills for brains. Among others there are physical strength, coordination, good eye and concentration of attention.

Our mini-golf area offers you to pass 18 holes. This is a short and pleasant journey along our garden with its lavender, sagebrush and herbs, fur-trees and charming ponds. In the bar you can order cold drinks and enjoy unforgettable time. We are waiting for you!

  • Аренда 1 взрослой клюшки – 100 грн/час
  • Аренда 1 детской клюшки – 80 грн/час


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