Elite Tennis Club Turns 15! Anniversary Tournament.

Sensation! On May 18, 2019 Elite Tennis Club held an incredibly emotional and bright Anniversary Team Tournament «ETC 15» ⚔ GAME OF THRONES ⚔

40 tennis players took part in our club competition including coaches, professional players and amateurs who play in Elite Tennis Club. This Saturday will stay in memories of each participant as a fantastic tennis event and at the same time as a fascinating fight of the court.

In one and the same day more than 140 matches were played between Houses of Tyrell, Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Night Watch, Martell and Dothraki. The anniversary format presupposed a tie-break up to 15 points. In spite of a very long tournament day the team spirit between participants never faded away. Their mutual support and excitement made the day! The total team score was changing from round to round and public could watch the fantastic tennis and hot emotional temperature!

By the end of the competition we got such results:

  1. 1 PLACE - 'Night Watch' Captain: Bakunin Maksim; Milchev Nikolay, Skripnik Evgeny, Golovatskaya Vera, Vasilyeva Daria.
  2. 2 PLACE - 'Baratheons' Captain: Pume Denys; Vasilyev Konstantin, Boginskiy Vladimir, Guryeva Maria, Skobeleva Marina.
  3. 3 PLACE - 'Starks' Captain: Anikanov Ivan; Nogal Andrey, Shcherbatykh Grigoriy, Rayeva Larisa, Prilutskaya Irina.

We express thankfulness to our Club President Yuriy Gubankov who made it possible to organize such a great event for the whole Elite Tennis Club family!
Organizers: Anikanov Ivan, Klymenko Anastasia, Gusenko Anastasia, Oschipok Nataly.
Congratulations to the winners, finalists and semi-finalists and all the participants! We are waiting to see you again in Elite Tennis Club!

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